Pilgrimage in a Day is all about Re-Connecting to the source of Life itself through walking in nature. Whilst doing so you may recognize you are not only walking the Earth, you also are connected to her. 

At the end of your Life you even return to it. Seperation is an illusion. We are all Inter-Connected to the Earth and All our Relations. Caring for the Earth is caring for Yourself and all Your Relations. It is that simple in this seemingly complex society we are living in.  

Wheel-Barrow Walk 
The Wheelbarrow-Walk is a way to wake people up to this Reality and a call to Action and join.  

To raise Awareness Henry Mentink walked with his Wheelbarrow from het Veerhuis in Varik the Netherlands to UNESCO headquarters in Paris to submit the whole Earth for the World Heritage List.  
This Pilgrimage For the Earth was a big success and he is asked to return to both the UNESCO in Paris and the European Commission in Brussels to bring forward his ideas. 
With this Action we set the Earth Free one step at a time. During this Journey we may even set ourselves Free.  

Pilgrimage in a Day
“Go Within & Re-connect to Yourself, Your Relations, the Earth”