Do you like walking in nature or have you always wanted to walk a pilgrimage to, for example, Santiago de Compostela? This is possible at the Veerhuis in Varik.

It is a pilgrimage in 1 day. Just spend a day outside and walk in the beautiful nature of the Floodplains from the Veerhuis in Varik. You walk continuously in the natural environment of the Waal. The water, the beautiful skies, the soil, the plants, the animals, the wind, the sun, the seasons; all elements are here!


Het Veerhuis is an inn where you can eat together with other pilgrims, share stories and sleep, just like with other pilgrimages. An inspiring place where the connection with the Earth, yourself and others is central.

For the full experience, most pilgrims come to the inn the day before their pilgrimage to get away from the daily hectic, to land, relax, eat, sleep together and start their journey the next morning.

However, their journey started much earlier. As soon as they have given themselves their Pilgrimage in a Day, their journey has started. They have received the envelop containing the inspirational information, access to specific videos about the walk itself and have been invited to pre-enjoy and write in their Pilgrimage in a Day Book. With this they walk their inner way to think with which issue or intention they are going to hike.

The experience of the pilgrims who have walked it (also of very experienced Santiago pilgrims!) is; that it is really a pilgrimage. Until now, every pilgrim has received very substantial insights / answers even to questions that they were not aware of beforehand.

By writing down your personal experience and sharing it with others during dinner in the evening, you really make this experience your own and you also inspire others. Friendships have been formed, pilgrims give it to others as a gift and even in their work it brings them a lot. They invite colleagues to discuss some matters while walking in nature and come to the Veerhuis for business meetings.

Who knows, this Pilgrimage in a Day might appeal to you and you might even give yourself a mini sabbatical. I would like to meet you at the Veerhuis.

See you when I see you and looking forward to it!

Frans-Willem Deliën
Universal Pilgrim