At the beginning of July 2014, I brought a friend to the South of France to start his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela from Joia (Carcassonne). The night before his departure he asked me “what are you doing tomorrow”. My answer: “Do you mind if I join you for 1 day?”

This has become a walk of 1,400 km even past Santiago to Fisterra, the end of the Earth. Every day for 6 weeks has been a pilgrimage. Every day I walked 'forward' to the final goal and at the same time I walked deeper and deeper into myself.

The simplicity, power and purity of nature and walking have created the space within which I was able to make this inner journey. Everything I had to relate to or deal with has shown itself. My pilgrimage has brought me many insights and enriched me. I walked to my personal connection with the source, my Zero-Point .

Within 1 week of returning home I knew I wanted to share and bring this experience forward because in all its simplicity it can bring people so much.

Giving yourself a break and stepping out of the usual content of your daily life is particularly valuable. I understand that not everyone is allowed to spontaneously walk 1,400 kilometers for 6 weeks and that is not necessary. Now 7 years later, this can be done in a much shorter time, namely in 1 day!

Pilgrimage in a Day

ps. Even experienced Santiago Pilgrims have experienced to their surprise and enthusiasm that a pilgrimage can be done in 1 day!