We are all Pilgrims and every day is a Pilgrimage.

The combination of walking in nature, connecting with it and coming to yourself again is a very powerful experience. Most of the time physical movement leads both to relaxation and new insights. The natural environment in which you walk, contributes greatly to this unexpected result.

It is our wish and goal that Pilgrimage in a Day spreads all over the world, in particular to places which invite people to walk in nature. Pilgrimage in a Day also includes the option of an overnight stay. How beautiful it is to eat together at the end of the day and share each other's experiences!

An inn is an excellent place to create such a situation. Because an inn connects with its environment and welcomes all sorts of people just as they are. The innkeeper knows the needs of pilgrims and how to meet them in a hospitable way. Here the pilgrim feels welcome and at home.

Heb jij of ken jij een plek met een herberg waar de Pilgrimage in a Day op zijn plaats zou zijn dan horen wij dat graag.

See you when I see you and looking forward to it!

Frans-Willem Deliën
Universal Pilgrim