Pilgrimage in a Day

Pilgrimage in a Day

Pilgrimage in a Day Stories

"Go within & Re-Connect to Yourself,
All Your Relations, the Earth"

It is a pilgrimage in 1 day. Just spend a day outside and walk in the beautiful nature of the Floodplains from the Veerhuis in Varik. You walk continuously in the natural environment of the Waal.
The water, the beautiful skies, the soil, the plants, the animals, the wind, the sun, the seasons;
all elements are here!

A gift for yourself...

Who knows, this Pilgrimage in a Day might appeal to you and you might even give yourself a mini sabbatical.

Dear Pilgrim,

Every single day life is a Pilgrimage. We create and walk our own path every day. We perform this not only figuratively, we can also do this both concretely, practically and physically. To achieve such a goal we could walk to Santiago de Compostella or even beyond this place in Spain: to the end of the Earth, called Fisterra. But this may not be possible for most of us, given the distance and time involved.

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This Pilgrimage in a Day was created with a lot of love and attention

Pilgrimage in a Day

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